Figurative and abstract sculptures of different sizes made in raku, stoneware or other clay to decorate a home or office. We realize decorative murals and signs for hotels or houses, driving hiking trails, decorative tiles and sun clocks calculated specifically for your location.

The objects made of stoneware are burned at high temperature, about 1,280 degrees Celsius, which makes them dense, hard and impermeable. They can contain liquids, used in the oven or microwave. Here you can see fountains, dishes cups, teapots, vases, lampshades, sink ….

Wedding and company gifts, tiles, bottles and product boxes. In TallerAlfar we made wedding reminders, wedding gifts, corporate gifts, dishes and ashtrays designed specifically for bars or public rooms decorating premises with floor and wall tiles in stoneware, bottles for liquor companies, etc. We provide a service tailored to the needs and tastes of the customer, who can choose designs, logos, colors, service, etc.

Raku is a traditional Japanese technique by which the parts are drawn red hot of the oven placed in a reducing atmosphere (a container with sawdust or leaves and covered over) and finally submerged in water. This process gives them the characteristic tones and metallic sheen, and the black color to the clay.