Enseñando a tornear

Theoretical and practical classes in potter’s wheel , hand winch , churros, plates …. classes in small groups , combine a practical part with a theoretical part that allows students to create their own clays, enamels . The classes are geared to the needs and preferences of the student, working around personal projects : some planters for the garden , cups to give to the family, etc. Flexible schedules .

An immersive experience in ceramics. It can be made individually, as a couple, with families or a group of friends (up to 4 people). Flexible hours, children and adults. After a brief introduction on the geological origin of clays and the type of ceramics, with the help of History, we make objects in different techniques (pinch, rolls …) to finish with the traditional potter’s wheel. Ideal for tourists or people interested in knowing pottery.

Demostración de torno alfarero

We carry out demonstrations and workshops for children and adults with traditional potter’s wheel or hand work , in schools, fairs , shopping centers , cultural centers …